Higher School of Nuclear and Heat Power Engineering

Higher School of Nuclear and Thermal Power Engineering was formed in 2019 on the basis of the departments - "Nuclear and Thermal Power Engineering" and "Thermophysics of Power Units".

Main scientific areas of the Higher School are:

  • Modeling of technological schemes of TPPs and NPPs
  • Gradient thermometry in power engineering
  • Increasing of the solid fuel utilization efficiency in the thermal power engineering
  • Increase of the heat-exchange apparatus efficiency by application of the specially shaped surfaces.
  • Mathematical modeling of the hydraulic regimes for the heat supply, water supply and sewerage systems Investigations of the two-phase flows in the NPP basic equipment
  • Investigations of a possibility of the NPP application for the sea water desalination
  • Increase of an effectiveness of the intermediate steam separation and superheating systems for the NPP steam-turbine installations
  • Expertise of technologies of anticorrosive protection of metal objects in the process of designing, construction and operation.
Aleksey Ivshin
Ekaterina Andreevna Sokolova
Alexey Alexandrovich Trinchenko
  • Polytechnicheskaya street, 29, Main Building, office 214, St. Petersburg, 195251