IETS today

IETS has long been an advanced engineering and research center performing a wide range of activities in the field of energy and power engineering. The Institute consists of electromechanical and power engineering department that can solve almost any complex task within their framework.

Customers of IETS are oil and gas companies, engineering companies, small and medium-sized business enterprises.

Fuel and energy complex, power engineering, defense industry, scientific research and industrial institutes, and other industrial enterprises such as: PJSC Gazprom and its subsidiaries, Rosatom group enterprises, OMZ United Heavy Machinery Group companies , PJSC Rosseti, Territorial Generating Companies (TGCs), Vodokanal and other Housing and communal services, large machine-building enterprises, defense industry companies, including OJSC Power Machines, ZAO REP Holding ,  "UEC" companies and many others have long history of successful cooperation with IETS.

Our institute is at the cutting edge in energy technology constantly conducting most advanced researches and experiments.

Modern industry provides new challenges and tasks that we are ready to solve, actively developing the school of computer engineering modeling, carrying out research in the fields of modern composite and nanomaterials application, high and ultrahigh-voltage engineering and many others.