Kitanina E.E. invited to Milan Polytechnic University

11 June 2018
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Ekaterina Eduardovna Kitanina, Associate Professor of Turbines, Hydro Machines and Aircraft Engines Department, was invited to Milan Polytechnic University with the course "Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineers" within the framework of international academic mobility program.

Since 2013 Ekaterina Eduardovna has been teaching this course in English to students of SPbPU international masters programs, but the experience of teaching at the partner university in Italy turned out to be memorable and significant.

"At the first lesson it became clear that the students of the Institute of Energy have a good basic training, know a lot and can do a lot. But even these students need to be motivated and interested in the subject. It is quite challenging to give in-depth knowledge withing a two week long course, so I tried to balance theoretical and practical material, give a lot of useful practical tasks, "says E.A. Kitanina.
Ekaterina Eduardovna brilliantly coped with the task of helping the students of the Institute of Energy to take their first steps in the field of numerical modeling, which is evident from the students' feedback, thank you letter from Fabio Inzoli, director of the Institute of Energy, and an invitation to come to Milan next year.