International students' entry to Russia in 2021

30 Марта 2021
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Can I come to St Petersburg and study full-time?

Yes, you can, if your country is on the list of foreign countries whose citizens can enter the Russian Federation to study. You can see the list HERE. (ссылка на сайт )

All foreign citizens-students from other countries are not allowed to enter Russia to study.

I bought a ticket, what do I do next?

1. You need to notify Marina Alexandrovna Klyusova 10 days in advance.
The letter should contain the following information :

  • Full name in English;
  • Expected date of crossing the border;
  • The border crossing point through which you plan to enter the country;
  • Attach a copy of your passport.
  • After the letter is sent, you will receive an email with the entry information.

2. Not earlier than 3 calendar days prior to your arrival to Russia, be sure to take PCR test for COVID-19 , and if the result is negative, you should have the appropriate document in Russian or English.

3. Notify the International Student Coordinator of your arrival.

4. Be sure to submit to a follow-up PCR test within 72 hours after entering Russia. Until the results of the test are received, it is necessary to remain in self-isolation at your place of residence. During the period of isolation, students study in an online format. Without a follow-up test, international students are not allowed to participate in full-time study.

Can I stay in a dormitory?

For the period of self-isolation we offer you a dormitory #14A(P), which is located in the building of the Polyclinic #76, Khlopina Street, 11, Bldg. 1.

If you plan to stay on self-isolation in a dormitory № 14A(P), 3 days before your arrival, please inform by e-mail: providing the following information:

  • Last name, first name, middle name;
  • Nationality and country you are arriving from;
  • Approximate time of arrival at the hostel.

Once you receive a negative COVID-19 test result, you will be able to move into your hostel. Housing fees will be charged from the start date of your self-isolation at your dormitory rate.

How to apply for registration if I am on self-isolation for 3 days?

In order to apply for migration registration you need to send by e-mail: the following documents:

  • A copy of all pages of your passport;
  • A copy of the migration card.

Detailed instructions for foreign students