Sergey Brilev, President of the Global Energy Association, announced the short list of the Global Energy Award

2 Июля 2021
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The Global Energy International Association has presented the list of 15 candidates who shortlisted for the Global Energy Award in 2021. The announcement was made at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. As part of the event SPbPU and the Global Energy Association signed a cooperation agreement, and Nobel Laureate Rodney ALLAM gave a lecture to the students of the Polytech.

The Global Energy Association was created in 2002 to support research and innovation in the field of energy, as well as to promote energy cooperation. The members of the association are PJSC Gazprom, PJSC Surgutneftegaz, and Rosseti FGC UES. Its goal is to help shape the energy sector of the future by supporting advanced scientific and technological developments and stimulating international energy cooperation in the interests of all humankind.

Annually since 2003, the association has awarded the Global Energy Award for outstanding scientific research and scientific and technical developments in the field of energy, which help to improve the efficiency and environmental safety of energy sources on Earth in the interests of all mankind. The prize has already been awarded to 42 scientists from 15 countries.
The ceremony was opened by Rector of SPbPU, RAS Academician Andrey RUDKOY, who welcomed the audience: It is a great honor for us that such a momentous event is taking place at the Polytechnic University. I am grateful to the President of the Association, Sergey BRILEV, for choosing our venue for such an important event.
This is not the first visit of the association's representatives to Polytech. Rae Kwon CHUNG, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in 2007 and Chairman of the International Award Committee for the Global Energy Prize, gave a lecture at the university in June.
In order to consolidate and develop the partnership, a cooperation agreement was signed between SPbPU and the Global Energy Association. "We are going to work together on the program of development of new complex directions of scientific research in the field of energy and ecology in power engineering, coordination of road map and program, their implementation. Various academic and scientific events under the aegis of Global Energy Association and lectures of laureates will also be held on the grounds of Polytechnic University", - commented Rector of SPbPU Andrey Rudskoy.

The President of the Association Sergey BRILEV, a well-known international journalist and TV presenter, welcomed the proposal of the Rector of the Polytechnic University to hold the meeting of the International Award Committee of the Global Energy Prize at the site of SPbPU. According to a preliminary agreement, this important event will take place in 2023, on the eve of the 125th anniversary of the university.
In his speech, Sergey Borisovich said that this year, despite the pandemic, 106 scientists from 36 countries had applied for the prize in three nominations: "Traditional Energy" - 34, "Unconventional Energy" - 45 and "New Ways of Obtaining Energy" - 27. This is a record for the number of participating countries. For the first time, there are scientists from Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Hungary, Jordan, Madagascar, Mexico, Nigeria, and Uruguay. Russia leads in the number of applications (24). A record was also set for the number of nominees - four women (from Zimbabwe, India, Kazakhstan, and the United States).
At the second stage the received applications were reviewed by independent experts, who evaluated them according to a fixed set of criteria, including novelty, scientific and practical value. Fifteen scientists were short-listed (five for each nomination).
The nomination cycle for the Global Energy Prize 2020-2021 has turned out to be truly global: applications have been received from 36 countries, including not only the developed United States and Europe, but also countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. I am happy and proud that the shortlisted candidates are highly qualified professionals who fully represent the latest innovations in modern science," shared Nobel Laureate Rae Kwon CHUNG, Chairman of the Global Energy Prize International Committee.
The laureates will be chosen at a closed meeting of the International Committee. The announcement ceremony will take place in Kazan in August-September.
The list of nominees for the Global Energy-2021 Prize was presented by the President of the Association Sergey BRILEV, who especially emphasized that he was pleased to see scientists from Russia again on the short list:

Conventional Energy
Sunil Kokal (Saudi Arabia) Principal scientist, EXPEC Advanced Research Center Saudi Aramco: For research experience in sustainability and enhanced oil recovery.
Amit Goyal (United States) Founding Director, RENEW Institute, University of New York at Buffalo: For ground-breaking research that had a major and transformational impact on the field of high-temperature superconducting (HTS) materials.
Zinfer Ismagilov (Russia) Institute of Coal Chemistry and Material Science, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences: For his contribution to the field of carbon chemistry, chemistry of carbon materials and heterogeneous catalysis.
Leo Lorenz (Germany) Executive Technology Advisor, Infineon Technologies AG: For introducing advanced energy-efficient technology based on power electronics to achieve sustainable reductions in C02 emissions to limit global warming.
Zhijun Jin (China) Dean of the Institute of Energy, Peking University: For fundamental research and exploration with focus on the hydrocarbon accumulation mechanism, hybrid hydrocarbon generation from organic-inorganic interaction, the evaluation method of oil and gas resources, deep marine carbonate sequence of oil and gas, marine shale gas and the China-Russia crude oil pipeline.


Non-conventional Energy
Suleyman Allakhverdiev (Russia) – Head of the Controlled Photosynthesis Laboratory, L.A. Timirzayev Institute of Plant Physiology: For an outstanding contribution to the development of alternative energy, phenomenal scientific achievements of artificial systems for alternative energy, a cycle of scientific works in the field of bioenergy and hydrogen energy, for the promotion of the efficiency and environmental safety of energy sources.
Arthur Ragauskas (United States) – Governor’s Chair for Biorefining, University of Tennessee, Knoxville: For his educational excellence that resulted in technical leaders who are implementing the change to renewable energies based on non-food biomass.
Turhan Veziroglu (United States) – Founder, International Association for the Hydrogen Economy (IAHE): For an outstanding contribution to the research and development of the concept of hydrogen energy, which contributed to the development of this industry in many countries.
Zhong Lin Wang (United States) – Director, Centre for Nanostructure Chartacterization, Georgia Institute of Technology: For the invention of triboelectric nanogenerators, for self-powered sensors, Internet of things, robotics, artificial intelligence and large-scale blue energy harvesting.
Ib Chorkendorff (Denmark) – Director VILLUM Centre for the Science of Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals: For setting out the fundamental aspects of catalytic processes, including steam reforming, methanol synthesis and ammonia synthesis.

New ways of energy application
Yi Cui (United States) – Director, Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University: For exceptional contributions in nanomaterials design, synthesis and characterization for energy and the environment, particularly for transformational innovations in battery science and technology.
Ruzhu Wang (China) – Director, Institute of Refrigeration and Cryogenics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University: For innovation, application and commercialisation of high efficiency heat pumps and rational use of low-grade thermal energy for heating and cooling.
Mikhail Predtechensky (Russia) – Member of the academic board, C.C. Kutateladze Institute of Thermal Physics, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences: For the development of the scientific basis of single-walled nanotubes, industrial implementation in various materials, including applications in electrochemical power sources, increasing the energy efficiency of many materials and reducing their effect on climate.
Reinhard Radermacher (United States) – Director, Centre for Environmental Energy Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park: For his leadership in innovation of vapour compression systems to improve energy efficiency and sustainability, his work on alternative refrigerants and non-vapour compression cooling technologies and design of cooling, heating and power systems for buildings.
Omar Yaghi (United States) – Founding director, Berkeley Global Science Institute, University of California, Berkeley: For his pioneering work on ultra-high hydrogen and methane storage, carbon dioxide capture and conversion.
Nobel laureate Rodney ALLAM, winner of the 2012 Global Energy Prize, gave an online lecture to the students and employees of SPbPU at the end of the event. Rodney ALLAM invented a technology ("Allam's Cycle") that makes it possible to generate inexpensive and clean energy from hydrocarbon fuels without harmful emissions into the environment. He presented his project and the possibilities of using fossil fuels for power generation and transportation to Polytechnic students and answered the questions.

Material prepared by SPbPU Public Relations Department.