Sustainable development was discussed within the framework of the "Week of Science SPbPU"

21 Ноября 2018
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In the modern world, the concept of sustainable development is used to solve environmental, economic and other problems. It is based on energy and resource conservation, which affects various fields of science and technology. The latest achievements in this field were discussed at the International Scientific Conference "Energy, Ecology and Construction" (International Scientific Conference on Energy, Environmental and Construction Engineering, EECE-2018), which was held as part of the "SPbPU Science Week".

This scientific event brought together experts from around the world - Italy, Latvia, Ukraine, Finland, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Slovakia and Russia - a total of about 150 participants. Among them were scientists, educators, representatives of government and business. Therefore, reports of the participants  presented both breakthrough scientific ideas and management decisions at the level of regions and industrial holdings. Conference was supported by  St. Petersburg Government comitties, and the materials of EECE-2018 will be indexed by the Scopus database.

Vitaly Vladimirovich SERGEEV, Vice-Rector for Research, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in his opening speech stressed out : “The world is moving towards a sustainable future, and the path to it lies through setting priorities in the field of sustainable production and use of energy. Joint work of people of different specializations will help the introduction and dissemination of innovative solutions".

Knauf holdingv, one of the most famous manufacturers of building materials and systems in the world,was the official partner of the conference. This corporation pays special attention to the educational process: two years after entering  Russian market, Knauf began to open training centers throughout the country. The company has been cooperating with Polytechnic University for many years. Knauf supports conferences on construction subjects, conducts tours of production for students, Knauf specialists give lectures at the Polytech. Moreover, once a semester, the company awards  scholarships to students who are engaged in research work. 

After the opening ceremony, key speakers presented their reports: Pietro ZUNINO, professor at the University of Genoa (Italy), and Anatolijs BORODINETS, professor at Riga Technical University (Latvia). Then the conference participants were divided into sections, where they continued to discuss “smart” cities, renewable energy, building materials, energy efficient and “green” buildings, and much more. Participants of the conference also had a chance to visit  Kawasaki-Polytech research center of Industrial Robotics, Polytechnic Supercomputer Center,  Laboratory for Innovative Construction, and the Laboratory for Light Materials and Structures.